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Timberland Regional Library (TRL) has developed new guidelines for Friends of the Library (FOL) groups. In accordance with these, TRL staff will no longer be receiving donations. Instead, Friends of the Library volunteers will receive donations at specified times. Donations will be accepted at the downtown Olympia Library location according to the following schedule:

– Olympia Main Library: Wednesday and Saturday, between noon and 2 pm

To donate books or DVDs at the downtown Olympia Library during the scheduled times, go to the Library entrance near 9th and Adams.   Small amounts of books and DVDs can be donated at other times by placing them into the Friends of the Library black donation bin near the library book sale.

Please limit your donations to books and DVDs only at this time. This includes hard cover, trade paperback, and mass market paperback books. It does NOT include magazines, VHS tapes, records, CDs, and other items which have been accepted in the past. While we realize you may have accumulated quite a few unneeded books during the Library closure, please limit your donations to two bags or boxes at a time for the present. Among other changes, the new TRL guidelines have significantly reduced the space available for FOL to store books in the Library. This is the reason for the request to limit the amount and times for your donations. FOL is working hard to adapt our procedures to the new TRL guidelines, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us to do this.

Money (via PayPal)

You can donate to the Olympia Friends of the Library via PayPal using the button below:

Money (for WA State Employees only)

Washington State government employees can donate money to the Olympia Friends of the Library via the Combined Fund Drive. Olympia FOL’s CFD identifier is 1480404.

General donations questions? Email

Did you know? Between 1,500 and 2,000 of your book donations per year go directly into the Library’s inventory and onto the Library shelves!