Book sales

The biggest source of revenue for the Friends of the Olympia Library is sales of donated books and dvds .

You and your friends and family can help by:

  • REDUCING your own library, by donating books you don’t plan to read again (this also makes room for new books …)
  • RECYCLING books by dropping books off during the donation hours on Wednesday and Saturday
  • REUSING the treasures donated by others by purchasing your own new treasures at the FOL ongoing book sale whenever the library is open

You can buy books anytime:

  • Inside the library on the wall behind the holds shelves, next to the Youth Services office.
  • Online at our Amazon store.

Your donations are tax-deductible. Library staff can provide you with a receipt.  We always need volunteers to organize books and help out at the Giant Used Book Sales.

Upcoming book sales:

  • In the past, FOL held giant book sales two or three times a year. The covid-19 pandemic has put an end to this activity. Whether it will be possible to renew it in the future is currently unknown.